How to Capture Screenshot’s of Windows Larger Than Your iPad Screen | ios 10

Have You Ever Needed to Take a Screenshot of a Webpage That’s Larger Than the Screen of Your iPad (or iPhone?)

It may seem impossible…but it can be done if you know about the little trick I discovered recently…

This situation seems to happen to me a lot. But up until I figured out this trick…I couldn’t make the content small enough to fit it into the size of one screen.

Logically, it seems like you should be able to pinch the content on the display to a smaller size…even if it’s just for an instant…that would be long enough to capture a screenshot of it. But, what happens instead is this:

Example of how the content doesn't shrink

Example of how the content doesn’t shrink

No amount of pinching would bypass the problem show above. What helped me to figure out my little trick is that one time, forgetting that I couldn’t  do this, I tried yet again and that time I was able to do it! But when I immediately tried it again I couldn’t replicate my success.

I had to figure out what I did differently that time that allowed me to make the content smaller. After quite a few fails, I again had a successful attempt. It was this 2nd success that helped me to realize what the slight modification I’d done, actually was.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. (Winston Churchill)

My Easy Method for Capturing More Screen Content than is Displayed on the Screen of an iPad

I made this YouTube video to demonstrate my simple trick. But then I go on to demonstrate a few additional edits I sometimes use to further refine the finalized  image.

The key to being able to pinch in the screen content enough to capture much more than one screen’s worth of data, is to first ‘unpinch’ the screen a little bit. Meaning that you expand the content displayed on the screen using the opposite of a pinch gesture. Once the screens content has been expanded to slightly larger than normal, you’re now able to pinch the screeen to display a smaller than normal image of the screen without forcing the screen to revert to displaying all of your Safari tabs.

It’s hard to describe, even with the use of screenshots, which is why I made the video below to demonstrate the technique.

What I Used as a Substitute Method to Get A Lot of Content into One Screenshot Prior to Figuring Out My Trick

If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal for me, it’s because in the course of writing for this and my sister website, vsatrends, as well as in creating content for my YouTube channel…I end up using hundreds of screenshots as illustrations. I feel like those activities have sort of forced me to master a lot of problems I originally encountered when trying to get clean and cohesive screenshots.

I’m excited about this new method because in the end it will save me a lot of time. Because my old method involved taking multiple screenshots which I’d then try to perfectly crop and paste together using one of 2 apps…Pages or Pixelmator. Both apps work equally well for that purpose, and both take about the same amount of time…but using Pixelmator usually results in a final image with better resolution. That’s because Pixelmator is an image editing app…so I would save they byproduct of my work as a JPEG image. Whereas, when I used Pages, I would end up taking a screenshot of my merged images and then crop that down to a final copy.

So, to demonstrate this method, I’ll use the Pixelmator approach.

Pixelmator is a powerful full-featured photo editing and painting app that’s $4.99. Apple featured it in their ios 8 live stream event.

Creating One Screenshot Using Multiple Screenshots that are Cropped & Pasted Together in Pixelmator

Here’s the second YouTube video I made demonstrating my trick for taking screenshots when the image you want to capture is larger than the screen of your ios device.

The first thing you’d need to do when using this method is to take several good screen shots, keeping a mental note of where you think you’ll probably adjoin them. It just so happens that I had 2 screenshots that I wanted to merge already, so I demonstrate how to do this using one of my favorite, and most frequently used apps, Pixelmator for ios in the following YouTube video:

One Last Situation You May Encounter is If There’s Too Much Content for Even My New Trick

If that’s the case and you still want to keep this captured information long term you can use another technique I wrote about last year, which is another little trick for creating PDF’s of any webpage, without using the impossibly inflexible sharing methods built into iBooks. You can read more about how to use this ingenious PDF method that’s built into the core of ios here.

Additional Resources

I ran across this brilliant piece that basically includes everything you’ve ever wanted to know about screenshots, created by Zappier, while writing this post:

Zapier’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Screenshots


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How to Stop Google From Asking to Use You Current Location on iPad & iPhone

Have You Ever Found Yourself  Continually Receiving Notifications Like the One Below? 
Google Woild Like to Use Your Current Location Notification

If you have and you’re like most people, you’ve gone into Safari’s Settings looking for anything to change that might stop this message from annoying you. If you’re also  like most people, you didn’t find anything useful there.

The reason is because this is a location warning that Apple has placed in a different part of the ios Settings app. You’ll need to look in Privacy – Location – Safari in order to stop the notifications.

Steps to Stop Google from Asking You About Your Location

Open Settings

Step 1 Tap on Privacy

Step 1 Tap on Privacy

Step 2 Tap on Locations Services

Step 2 Tap on Locations Services

Step 3 Tap on Safari

Step 3 Tap on Safari

Step 4 To monitor when location services are being used, tap on System Services

Step 4 To monitor when location services are being used, tap on System Services

Step 5 Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and turn on 'Status Bar Icon'

Step 5 Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and turn on ‘Status Bar Icon’

Once you’ve turned on the status bar icon, whenever location services are being used you’ll see the small arrow icon in the upper right hand corner filled in solid black. If location services aren’t being used the location arrow will remain unfilled.


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Apple refuses to enable iPhone emergency settings that could save countless lives

Yesterday popular tech publisher The Next Web TNW called Apple Corporation to Task for Refusing to Enable Important New Emergency Service Standards in all ios Devices

Below is a screenshot of the Next Web’s article

The Next Web published an important article concerning Apple’s refusal to enable ios devices with the newest standard for GPS locating when emergency 911 called are placed. I’m not really familiar with how reblogging works…but I thought people should have the chance to read this article so I’m sharing it here.

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Why I Like the Old Editor Better Than the New One…Where Is Save? Provides Writers With 2 Editors for Use When Writing Your Blog

Actually, they provide 3 or 4 if you include their ios and Android apps too (I haven’t looked, but I assume they offer an Android app too.) These seem to be in a constant state of flux. Maybe in part that’s because I’m a beta tester for their ios app. But it seems to me that the newer of the 2 online, browser-based editor changes often too. The older one, which was the one in general use when I joined WordPress…doesn’t seem to change much these days.

Below is a Screenshot of the Old Editor

WordPress.coms Old Editor

Displayed a Little Further Below is The New & Improved Editor…or is it? (new and improved I mean!)

The new and improved editor isn’t actually all that new anymore. I’m guessing it’s maybe a year and a half old by now. But I still think of it as the new one and I still prefer the old one for most things. Although I do appreciate some of the streamlined aspects of this editor. What I’m referring to primarily is how the menu bar which typically would be anchored at the top of the screen kind of floats. Maybe the floating is limited by bandwidth issues, or maybe it’s because I primarily use an iPad for all my writing, But the floating aspect only 1/2 works for me.

When the toolbar works correctly, I can be anywhere within a page  and  if I want some formatting changes I can easily and quickly add them because the menu appears to almost float right above my onscreen iPad keyboard. This is really great when it works because I tend to write long posts and having to scroll all the way up to the top of the screen to change the size of a font can take up a lot of time…especially when done repeatedly. But as I mentioned earlier, this only functions correctly about 40% of the time for me.

In regards to other aspects of the new editor…I often get confused by it.  For example, I still don’t get how to use the spellcheck or proofing utility that I’m certain must be built into it. Also. when I add images, I can’t do all the things with them that I can when using the old editor. The most notable missing items are that I can’t change the size of an image to a ‘custom’ sized one. And I can’t add a clickable link to the image easily by accessing the little menu that appears in the old editor that displays the Custom URL field for me to enter the URL I want. The reason I would ever do this is to make an image also act as a link to something. So that when someone clicks or taps on it, you’re taken to a different site.


I could be wrong but I think there’s a way to move the Settings Menu for a post or page to either the right-hand or the left-hand side of the screen too. In fact…I think I did that once (because I remember it being on the left at one time)…but I don’t remember how I did it so I can’t change it back. If anyone knows how, please share it with me way down at the bottom of this post a little ways past the ads that adds to my posts.

But all of those issues are fairly minor in the big scheme of things. What isn’t minor, are 2 bigger problems that really hinder the usability of the new editor for me a lot.

The First Reason is My Key Reason for Preferring the Old Editor Over the New One

The main reason that I continue  to use the old editor most of the time is because I use a lot of images in my posts. I usually use the ios app to write the first draft of my posts…that’s also where I add all of my images. My main workflow is to create the content first using the ios app (or oftentimes a Markdown app like Ulysses for really long posts.) Then I fix it up online and put the final polishing touches on it.

When I use the new Editor for this (which I rarely do because of the problem I’m about to mention,) as I scroll down through my document, oftentimes I must accidentally touch an image causing it to disappear. If I notice this and it’s a brand new post, I can easily re-add the image. But if it’s an older one that I’m updating or adding information to…finding the exact image for it again can be a real chore. I have to scroll through rows and rows of hundreds of tiny thumbnails representing my image library at WordPress. I can quite literally spend an hour or more doing just that. Granted, I do know that I can change the size of the tiny thumbnails, making them larger. But if I do that it makes them too large unusually lengthening the time it takes to scroll.

In any event, finding the missing image(s) can be a HUGE problem…and that’s the best case scenario! The worst case is that I never even notice that an image…or several…were deleted! I can only imagine what my poor readers think when I reference an image that isn’t even there!


The possibility that I may lose some of  my images because I used the new Editor just isn’t worth the risk!

My 2nd Reason for Disliking the New Editor Can Be Summed Up With the Question: Where Did Save Go?

When using the old editor, writers are always required to manually Save their work. The new Editor does that for you…rather it’s supposed do that for you…but that feature doesn’t work very well either. So most of the time I need to manually Save my work. Sadly, finding how to do that is no easy feat! That tends to be a problem with auto-saving features in general I’ve found…the developer thinks that they don’t need to include a manual Save alternative because a user should never need to use it. But they are wrong…and I think I know why.

I’m not sure if this is truly an Apple ios network problem or it it’s unique to our network…but my iPad Pros (which are the ones I use for everything) drop the network constantly throughout the day and nighttime. The only way to rejoin our WiFi is to turn off WiFi completely and then turn it back on again.

I suspect the problem is multi-faceted and blame can be attributed to both. The reason I say this regarding Apple devices…is because this problem is unique to my iPad Pros. Any regular iPad Airs we have and even the new iPad 5 don’t constantly drop our network the way that the Pro iPads do. Also, they do it on other people’s networks too!

So, I’m pretty certain that Save used to be at the top of the menu items which now appear on my right-side of the screen…under the Post Status section. But I can no longer find it there. Today, after taking a chance on making some edits to a post I’m writing on how to create your own custom email signatures on an ios device…I wanted to leave the Editor webpage entirely…but I was warned that if I did so I’d lose my changes.

This isn’t the first time that this has occurred! But I couldn’t remember what I did the last time to solve the issue.

Which is primarily why I’m writing this post today as a way for me (and anyone else who needs it) to find Save easily

The screenshot below shows you where Save was moved to:


Hopefully, I’ll never lose Save again now that I’ve written this handy little guide!


I seriously considered showing the steps needed to get from the new editor to the old editor. I took the screenshots and everything. But, it’s such a long and convoluted path that it would probably take me 1/2 – 1 full hour to edit and annotate all of them. That would serve no real useful purpose other than to illustrate something that doesn’t really need illustrating.

However let me just point out here that in my screenshot at the top of this post (of the old editor) I also show the convenient link that one can click on to bring themselves immediately to the new editor. :-/

I know that the’s ‘higher powers’ really want us to use the newer editor…but with the seriousness of the problems I discuss here…I hope you can see why that will never happen for me.


To read any comments or if you’d like to leave a comment yourself…please scroll down towards the bottom of the screen…past the WordPress ads to find the Comment area.

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