How to Be One of the First to Order the New iPhone 6

The paragraphs below are of my livefeed during the online ordering process for my new iPhone 6+ literally moments after it 1st became available. Reading this feed from the top down takes you through a reverse chronology of the events.  Scroll down to the heading ‘On Sale September 12th 2014’ for my how to tips.

First Sales Numbers Reported

(Reuters) – Apple Inc said many customers will need to wait until next month for their new iPhones after a record 4 million first-day pre-orders were logged, double the number for the iPhone 5 two years ago.

The company said demand had outstripped supply of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which feature larger screens and longer battery life. Deliveries of pre-orders will begin on Friday and will continue through October


Update 4:30 am CST

2nd Success

OK…so the Apple Store site still shows closed.  But I Googled preorder iPhone 6+ contract free, and one result was a link to the Apple store. Which opened when I tapped on it! So finally I was able to order the contract free version…which in the US is T-Mobile!!!

iPhone 6 purchase


One person on Twitter said that the site opened when he used Private Browsing…but that didn’t work for me.

 Update 3:35 am CST

Well, the Apple store, for me continues to be down…but someone from Canada posted on Twitter that they did order a SIM free 6…apparently it wasn’t easy…and can only be done there.  No SIM free 6’s at the app store…or even new contracts for CDMA networks  :-(

But the upside (which I also saw on Twitter) is 

I’m learning how to say 

‘We’ll Be Back’ in 199 (or is it 119?) languages!


Update 2:45 am CST

1st Success

The Apple site still is showing unavailable, but I went to the Apple Store app and ordered the 6+!!!

There is limited availability for the 6, and so far it’s only available in the 128GB model…the carriers are Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.  No T-Mobile or ‘contract free’ appear to be available via the Apple Store app.

I ordered the AT&T version but I really want the ‘contract free’ or T-Mobile one, which is essentially also ‘contract free’ so I continue to search for that version using Twitter as my guiding resource.

Update 11:30 pm CST

It’s happening now…the Apple Site is shutdown…here’s the message:

Apple Store We'll Be Back Message

The new iPhone 6 & 6+

iPhone 6


On Sale September 12th 2014

The 2 newest iPhones are going to be available for preordering on September 12th.  They’ll be available in retail stores on September 19th…which may also be the date that the presale iPhones are supposed to shipped.  That’s not entirely clear.

How I Stumbled Upon My ‘Be One of the Earliest to Order’ Method

I happened upon this technique to be ‘one of the first to order’ when the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina
were first announced via Apple’s September livestream event, but no actual dates were given for ordering. One night a few months later (in November 2013,) it was pretty late…say maybe 2:00am…I went to Apple’s online store to check something out and found it was shutdown for ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Restocking’…I forget which.

I was annoyed because I really needed whatever bit of information I was searching for at the time, I kept trying to access the store.

Approximately 2 hours after I got the first message, the store came back online. I decided to check out availability of both iPads again (I’d been doing this somewhat regularly for weeks.)

At first I was a bit stunned, but that quickly changed to excitment as I realized that the Air had just been made available!!!! So I immediately ordered one, and I truly believe that I was one of the first orders in the entire country, if not the world!!!   It arrived a few weeks later, and it the was the best iPad I’d ever owned until the ios 8 update. :-)

A few weeks after that first purchase, almost the exact same scenario repeated…but this time I knew what was happening. So I stayed up late again (actually very, very, early) until the website came back online and voila! there were the mini’s on sale!!!

Shortage Rumors

Because the mini was rumored to be in very limited production at that time, I ordered 3 of them. That was the maximum one person was allowed to purchase. I was excited to know that I had just accomplished the vast majority of my Xmas shopping that night!

New iPhone 6 and 6+

The 2 new iPhones
iPhone 6 & 6 plus

Happy Shopping!!!


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