Windows 10 |  Links to Some of the Best Articles on Windows 10 News

My Updated post written on July 29, 2015

The Day has Finally Arrived

Window’s 10 is Here Now *

(*that’s assuming that you’ve pre-reserved a free copy for yourself)

Windows 10 Launch Day Links

I began writing my original post on July 22. I researched literally every aspect that I could to answer the questions posed to me about Windows 10, when it was going to be officially launched, and what features would be included in the first official release. Below are links to what I feel are the best resources currently available to help me, my friends & family, and my followers decide when, or if upgrading to 10 is a good idea.

My Original post, begun on July 22, 2015

Windows 10 will be released officially on July 29th.  In anticipation of that I’m boning up on features and the state of the OS right now, about a week before the big release.   Since I have friends and family members who are following this topic with interest I decided to post links to some of my favorite articles here.

Watch Microsoft’s Video Announcing Windows 10 Arrival:  A more human way to do

Screenshot of Microsoft's Window's 10 Promotional Video

*pic above is just a screenshot of the page. Use the link above to get to the actual webpage

Overview Articles | Window’s 10 Features

Single Feature Articles or Less Thorough News Bites

Preparing for the Upgrade


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