How to Pair A Second Roku Remote

My family uses Roku’s streaming players a lot.  We watch internet based content from Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Showtime on all our TV’s even though none of them are internet ready.  In fact it’s safe to say we really love Roku’s and hope to ‘cut the cord‘ from our mainstream cable provider in the not too distant future.

Roku 3

A few months back Roku ended a long running standoff with YouTube and YouTube is now available on Roku’s too!  Several of our Roku’s were quite old, but the new YouTube channel was only available on newer Roku’s, so we replaced a few of the very old models with current ones.  Some of the older Roku’s were passed on to relatives who were interested in trying them out without the investment (even though Roku’s are quite inexpensive in the big scheme of things, raging from $49.99 – 99.99 per player at the time of this writing.)

But we still had one left and I decided to pair the remote that came with that player to a Roku 2, which was one of the current models we purchased.  I tried everything I could think of, but ultimately was unsuccessful.

I Googled ‘How to Pair a Roku Romote’ Many Times But Failed To Find Anything That Helped

At the Roku user forums many other people have had similar pairing problems and offered lots of advice and things to try.  I read them all and tried a lot of the ideas here. 

Then, a few nights ago I tried it again after finding something in the Roku Settings page about pairing remotes.

It took a couple try’s but I finally did it!!!

So I decided to write this quick post about how I successfully paired a 2nd remote.

  • Step 1 – Open the battery compartment for the 2nd remote
  • Step 2 – On your Roku, Go to Settings – Remote – Pair Remote
  • Step 3 – Go back to the remote & press the tiny ‘pairing’ button inside the battery compartment
  • Step 4 – The light on the remote should begin to flash after the button is pressed…if it doesn’t, check your batteries!
  • Step 5 – Set the remote very close to the Roku player and wait for the light to stop flashing
  • Step 6 – Once the light stops, out test out the remote to make sure it’s paired and working
  • Step 7 – Sit back, relax and watch some streaming TV!

Note:  Not All Remotes Can Be Paired With All Models of Roku

Use this link to find out which remotes can be paired with which remotes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roku’s this is a link to their website’s page showing some of Roku’s features.

Roku 3 Remote Diagram

We got a 2nd remote for one of our Roku 3’s and it came packaged with a user manual I’d never seen before.  It includes a  diagram of the remote and descriptions for each button, which I thought was useful, so I uploaded a picture of it below.  One aspect I wasn’t sure of was whether or note our remote included Roku’s new voice search feature.  I know for sure the new remote does, so with the diagram I was able to figure out how to do voice searches.  You use the magnifying glass button.

Roku 3 Remote Diagram


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2 Responses to How to Pair A Second Roku Remote

  1. Mark says:

    Are you able to listen to audio in both remote headphone jacks simultaneously?

    Are the audio/volume controls for each listener independent of the other?

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    • vsajewel says:

      Those are really good questions Mark! But we have never used the headphone feature so I don’t know. In fact since we got a new TV recently that’s smart, we’ve been using our Roku less and less.

      But I can’t think of any technical reason why you wouldn’t both be able use headphones. When it comes to controlling volume, it seems to me that it would logically follow that the volume would be controlled for the headphones by the remote they are attached to.

      But my answers are pure speculation!

      We have 2 of the same type of Roku…I think it’s the 3, but the version without voice control. Because we both like to have a remote, we took one from the other room (it’s in a room where it’s used infrequently) and paired it to our main TV. So we already owned the 2nd one.

      If you’re wondering because your thinking of buying a 2nd one and you can’t test it yourself, I could try to find 2 sets of headphones to test this out for you.

      Or, if you still are able to place orders for Roku products via phone, you could call and ask prior to buying. I know in the old days you could order by phone, but I don’t know if that’s possible anymore. I spent a long time trying to get the 2nd paired and could find nothing online that helped…which is why I wrote this…but I’m not really much of any expert with Roku’s.

      If you find out and think of it, leave a comment here and I’ll add that information to the article. Thanks for the great questions and visiting my site :-)


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