LG’s New Apple Watch Lookalike is A Low Cost Smart Watch with a Low Cost Cell Plane from Verizon

We stopped in our local Verizon store yesterday to get our Jetpak fixed, and I was amazed to see the newest Watch phone that was recently unveiled by LG.  It’s aimed at kids but I think it would be great for anyone who wanted an inexpensive smart watch that can make phone calls.

LG really unveiled 2 new watches, but it’s the Gizmo Gadget that I’m blown away by.  Not only does it offer amazing battery life…something like 8 days on standby, but it functions as a pedometer, timer and stop watch too.  LG even offers a fitness app.

You can use it for limited phone calls and texts (up to 10 contacts) and it only costs $150 which, combined with a non-contract $5 per month cellphone plan from Verizon, makes it a really inexpensive option for people needing just a basic smart watch!

You can read more about all of the features in PC Magazine’s article.

Verizon currently offers a $25 gift card to anyone who purchases Gizmo Gadget, which sweetens the deal even more!

The Gizmo Gadget comes in 2 colors, red or navy blue.  I think it would be a great alternative for seniors too…especially if their kids were worried about tracking elderly parent’s location if memory problems are a significant health concern.

As with any brand new device, there are some minor issues that need sorting out, but in general, the reviews at Verizon are glowing for both functionality and comfort…several reviewers are using it for elderly parents too.

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