Save Time Using 3 Tricks in Apple Notes | ios 10 | Markup Photos in Apple Notes

 The 3 Tricks

#1 Add Photos to Apple Notes in Batch Mode ios 10
#2 Save All of the Photos in a Note to the Photo’s app Camera Roll in Batch Mode
#3 Markup a Photo While Within the Notes App

You’ll find detailed instructions with illustrations for each trick immediately following this kind-of long introduction.

Introduction to Markup

Number 3 above is something I spent a lot of time on one day…I was trying to figure out if this was even possible to do. I finally concluded it wasn’t…at least not presently.

That’s one aspect of Evernote that I really love  and it’s one important reason for Evernote’s solid ranking as #1 amongst note taking apps.  No competitor I’ve tried to date offers this feature, and it’s one that I use it frequently.

Specially I mean that I can place any image (a photograph,  a chart or diagram, a screenshot, color sample tiles, or even a hand drawn illustration) into a note and then mark it up by ‘writing’ on it or by adding graphics to it, things like like framing sections within it for example…using lots of different colors.  I can add typed or handwritten text, arrows, checkmarks, I can circle things, border things or put big X’s on…I can even remove distracting elements appearing on the original by writing over them in my background color…the possibilities are limitless!

That’s what the word Markup meansit’s a popular, newly coined term from the digital age I think.

Ultimately, I can even save the final ‘marked up’ image back to my camera roll with all my new additions or markups on it!  In Evernote my markups are nondestructive.That means that I can reopen the image whilst in Evernote and remove or change the marked up bits. I can accomplish this feat anywhere, at anytime…as long as I have something that gets me online.This feature has contributed towards Evernote holding the revered #1 spot in the lineup of apps that I need for writing my blogs and creating graphics for my YouTube channel.

If you’re interested, here is another recent article I published following ios 10’s release, which compares the new and improved Apple Notes to Evernote.

Lately Apple has been releasing updates for ios 10 monthly, so I figured my failure to find this feature might have been their oversight which meant that it would probably be remedied soon. Then just a few days ago I found that I could do this after all!  Whether it was fixed or I just completely missed it initially I’ll never know…but I had installed an update to ios and I have noticed a lot of other little tiny glitches in the Notes app that no one else would ever pickup on have also been tweaked.

It’s an important enough of a discovery that I think it may have a much wider audience than the batching capabilities I also discuss in this post, which is why I’m singling it out.

The Tricks a Step-by-Step Guide

#1 Add Photos to Apple Notes in Batch Mode ios 10

You Can Add Photo’s in Batches to Apple Notes Instead of One-By-One

This can be accomplished in 2 ways.

Method 1

This method is primarily carried out in the Photos app. It involves selecting and copying several photos and then opening the Note’s App note to paste them in.

The Steps for Method 1

  • Go to your camera roll
  • Tap the word Select the upper right and then tap on several photos to select them (in the order that you want them to appear)…a white/blue check mark will be added to each selected photo

  • Tap on the Share icon ⍐︎ that appears in the upper left corner.
  • A new screen will appear with 2 lines of menus at the bottom. Use the 2nd, or the bottom menu and look for copy command. When you find it tap on it.

  • Go to your note and place the cursor in the exact position that you want the images to appear.
  • Long-press in that location until you see a popup menu with the word ‘Paste‘ and tap on Paste.

The images will appear here momentarily in the order that you selected them.

Method 2

This method requires a little forethought to batch-add the photos in a precise spot. It’s also carried out from within the Photo’s app (aka the camera roll.) The reason forethought is necessary is because you can’t easily manipulate the placement of the photos using this method…the photos will all be added to the end of your note. But you can designate their order. So if you think ahead as you’re creating or writing a new note, it’s easy to orchestrate adding multiple images as you write.

The Steps for Method 2

  • Begin writing a note and when you arrive at a place where you’d like to add images, stop and create or find the images you want to add, getting them into ‘final form’ in the camera roll.
  • Go to the Photos App and using the word ‘Select‘ in the upper right corner, select all the photos you want inserted into your note using the exact same selection process described in Method 1. Make sure that you select them in the same order that you’d like them to appear within your note.
  • After each photo you want to insert has a blue/white checkmark on it, tea the share icon ⍐︎ in the upper left corner (just like in Method 1.)

  • This time, rather than tapping ‘Copy‘…look for the Note 📝 icon in the top menu row of apps and tap on it.
  • A little Note pop-up will appear where you can select the note that you want the images added to. You can also add some additional text here if you’d like.

Below is a screenshot of the note pop-up, which I’ve already added some text to. After you’ve added the text you want tap on the words ‘New Note‘ on the bottom right to select the note you want the images attached to.

Below is a screenshot of the list of notes displayed. There are more revealed by scrolling down. Just tap on the note you want and a check mark will appear in front of that note’s title. If you make a mistake just select another one.

After you have the correct note selected, tap on the word ‘Back‘ in the upper left corner. You’ll be taken back to the first pop up screen. Then tap on the word ‘Save‘ (shown in the first screenshot directly above) in the top right corner.

Your images will be added to the end of the note that you selected. The text that you entered will appear below the last image (refer to the screenshot below.)

Main Image for Both

In both Methods you’ll see the blue/white check marks (displayed above) appear on any images that you selected…which is a good way to double check that all of the images you intended are actually selected.

#2 Save All of the Photos in a Note to the Photo’s Camera Roll in Batch Mode

This is super easy to do and I just discovered it by accident today. If you want to save all of the images in a note to the camera roll, you can do so in one fell swoop just by tapping on the Share icon  ⍐︎ in the upper right corner of a note and then selecting the “Save x # of Images” command in the pop-up menu that appears. See below.

#3 Markup a Photo While in a the Notes App

After spending quite a bit of time trying to figure this out,

my effort didn’t yield anything affirming that this was even possible.

Then today, I just happened to stumble upon a way to do it accidentally…and it’s super easy too!

Just tap on a photo or image that’s in a note, to get it into ‘full display mode.’ Then tap the Share icon ⍐︎ in the upper right hand corner of the image. After you’ve done that a pop-up menu will appear, showing Markup as one option. If you don’t see Markup, you may need to scroll to the right side a little more (by swiping left) to reveal more possible actions. See the screenshot below.


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