How to Use Different Colored Fonts & Sizes in Apple Notes for ios

I used to use Evernote exclusively until ios 9 when Apple revamped their ios  Notes App. Back then Evernote for ios only used one font size and color. So I created a workaround that I used a lot up until Evernote 8 came out for ios last fall (2016.) This is a sample font sheet I created for a post I wrote about how to use different colors and sizes of fonts in Evernote for ios.

Evernote Font Cheat Sheet


When ios 9 came out and I learned about all the new features of Apple Notes I began using the app more. Especially because using split screen multitasking view was also a brand new feature, and the ability to take notes while I was researching things ended up saving me a lot of time.

I loved the new fonts sizes and I discovered one odd quirk to their system which allowed me to used even more fonts than were normally allowed by using an iPad mini. For some odd reason the font weights are different on the mini…so the regular font is lighter and the bold is less bold…which effectively gives me 4 font weights instead of the normal 2. This was about a year before Evernote came out with Evernote 8, their huge upgrade which gives ios users 8 different font colors and 3 sizes. Evernote’s news was a huge one for the note taking world!

It appeared to me that there was absolutely no way to use a greater variety of fonts and sizes than in Evernote…but I was wrong!

You Can Add Colored & Different Sized Fonts Using an Apple Computer

We have a Mac computer that we don’t really use very much and just basically got to backup our iCloud photos and data. One day I was searching for a note on my iPad which I found, but there were several other notes in the same folder and I couldn’t figure out which folder they were in. I still haven’t figured out if there’s a way to determine which folder a note is located in…because on the Mac I couldn’t find out anything more than I could on my iPad.

While I didn’t answer my primary question I did make a different discovery. I figured out that I could select some text and change the font itself, the size and color of it. That was an exciting discovery! So I spent about 15 minutes creating a Font note that contained a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes. Then I went back to my iPad to see how the note looked.  It looked the same as it did on the Mac computer!

Even more exciting is that those different colors and sizes can be pasted into other Apple notes and they retain the same formatting!

This was exciting because any other method I used to paste fonts into Apple Notes, the fonts wouldn’t be retained…the words pasted in would revert to one of the standard Apple note fonts.

Below is an example of the note I created on the Mac computer.

Apple Notes Colored Fonts

One Thing I Tried But I Don’t Think Will Work is Uploading my Font Note for Other’s Who Don’t Have Apple Computers to Download & Use As a Sample Sheet

I used a similar method for getting different font colors and sizes into Evernote. You can read about that here and see the colored font cheat sheets I created for that post. The problem is that Apple Notes doesn’t export in it’s own format to anything that can be used for uploading to my website. I can convert to a PDF but then the fonts won’t retain their formatting. So if anyone can figure out a way around this please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll create a downloadable cheat sheet for Apple Notes.

Colored Highlights

Since Apple Notes doesn’t use any kind of highlighters this trick isn’t possible for Notes. But it does work for Evernote and it’s still pretty helpful because even with the advent of Evernote 8 there is only one highlighter color…yellow. Here’s a link to my post about how to use many different colors for highlighting in Evernote. The post includes some downloadable highlight sheet sheets to save you time.

All My Guides to Using Different Sizes and Colors for Fonts in Mobile Evernote

Here’s a list to the 4 guides I’ve written to using different colored fonts, different sizes fonts, different fonts, and different colored highlights for my 2 favorite notes apps…Evernote and Apple Notes. They are listed from most current to oldest.

How to Change Font Colors and Sizes in Evernote 8 for ios

How to Use Different Colored Fonts and Sizes in Apple Notes for ios

How to Change Fonts, Fonts Colors and Sizes in Evernote Apps on Mobile Devices

How to Use Different Colored Highlights in Mobile Evernote


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