No Sound on Videos in Safari ios 10 & 11

Safari Videos Play But Don’t Have Sound in ios 10

Ever since I updated to ios 10 I’ve had intermittent problems playing videos using Safari. Sometimes if you tap on the video just right a ‘muted’ megaphone icon appears that you can ‘unmute’ by tapping on it (see the screenshot below.) Other times, as in the example of the video shown below, the ‘unmute’ option appears briefly when the video begins playing. But oftentimes that alternative isn’t available at all.

I don’t know why, but I always forget that there’s usually a simple solution to the problem, which is why I’ve written this post.

An example of how many videos default to 'muted' on Safari for ios

An example of how many videos default to ‘muted’ on Safari for ios

Method 1

You just open Control Center and look for the volume slider….it’s usually turned all the way down. Why this matters when the volume is turned all the way up using the hardware button….I don’t know. But it’s a quick fix for the ‘No Sound’ problem.

Screenshot of Control Center Sound

Method 2

If the video is from YouTube and you have the YouTube app installed on your device, opening it in YouTube almost always resolves the sound problem. Sometimes the YouTube app is displayed at the top of the tab window and tapping on it opens the video in YouTube.

But sometimes the option to open the video in the YouTube app isn’t present at the top of the screen. In those instances it may not be obvious how viewers go about opening the video in their YouTube app. Remember this alternative only works if you have the YouTube app installed on your device.

How to Open a YouTube Video Playing in Safari (ios) in the YouTube App

Just follow the Steps 1-4 labeled in green in the screenshot below. When you reach Step 4, long pressing anywhere on the YouTube link will cause the Menu shown in the #4 screenshot below to appear.

Follow the Green Numbers for Steps


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