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This is a test post I didn’t mean to publish. I ran across an unusual occurrence with the ios beta app and was trying to duplicate the occurrence before reporting it.

Rather than delete this or unpublish it, which I know from experience leads to lots of confusion with the Reader feed…I decided to leave it as is for now…but that may change with feedback. I’m also leaving it published rig)5 now because as I’m changing font types down below…the app keeps crashing…so want it for referencing with the beta team.

Note to Beta Team

I’m using the new iPad 10.5 Pro and every line or 2 the virtual keyboard suddenly changes to the numeric view. I can’t figure out why…but it makes for some rather slow typing. I don’t think that I’m hitting the bottom left-most key which would enact that change.

In addition, you may receive a lot of auto generated crash repor5s from me. Those occurred when I tried to copy some text. It seems impossible t9 copy some text withou5 causing the app to crash. (I left the errors caused by the keyboard switching to numeric while,typing that last sentence for you to see.) Now, it just crashed again as I was typing this part…what seemed to cause the crash was my selection for the 2 typing errors in order to ‘bold’ them.

Update to Beta Team

Good News for You! The constant switching to numbers isn’t related to the WordPress app…my iOad is doing that in other apps too! It must be memory related or something else. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a problem I sometimes have had with my iPad Pro 9.7″ and the mini Retina where, when the memory is taxed and I cannot type the letter ‘i’.

Beta Notes

Some stats for you regarding the crashing…which occurred on 2 different posts…so I doubt it’s related to copy/pasting the dictionary font:

iPad Pro 10.5

Battery at 32%

Background apps running include: Mail, Twitter, Merriam Webster Dictionary, Notes, Photos and Safari.

Upon copying a word from the Merriam Webster Dictionary ios app, I was startled to find that it pasted the exact font type and size the app used. I was curious to see what occurred upon publishing but meant to do that privately. But then accidentally hit ‘Publish’ instead of Save’ when closing it.

Here’s the word in question:

perusing the copy/pasted 1 result which changed after publishing

perusing the 2nd test pre-publication

In both instances this was converted to the default paragraph font upon app crashing or publishing.

bona fides 3rd for comparison since app crashes caused 1& 2 to convert.

Did you know?

Bona fides looks like a plural word in English, but in Latin, it’s a singular noun that literally means “good faith.” When bona fides entered English, it at first stayed very close to its Latin use—it was found mostly in legal contexts and it meant “honesty or lawfulness of purpose,” just as it did in Latin. It also retained its singular construction. Using this original sense one might speak of “a claimant whose bona fides is unquestionable.” But in the 20th century, use of bona fides began to widen, and it began to appear with a plural verb in certain contexts. For example, a sentence such as “the informant’s bona fides were ascertained” is now possible.

WordPress in Merriam’s bonafides font

WordPress in H1

Comparing it to My Theme’s Fonts

  • Default This is a new label found in the beta app…it refers to the main paragraph font I think.
  • H1 Used for the main post title by WordPress…I rarely use this heading due to size.
  • H2 This is the main heading type I use in my posts for sections and titles
  • H3 This is my 2nd most frequently used size…I use it for subheadings.
  • H4 I don’t really use this much as it’s very similar to the standard body font my theme uses.
  • H5 I use this when I want a small font…usually for photo captions
  • H6 I use this when I want a tiny font to add something like a footnote.


Please feel free to leave me any comments below. I still can’t figure out a good way to get comments to auto-publish upon approval because it seems that any comments left here end up not as comments but as feedback in my Dashboard…but Imdont know why. Feedback is unpublishable apparently unless done via a widget, which I tried but doesn’t display well.

Any comments on recommended practices for when one accidentally publishes something would be greatly appreciated…as I think this has occurred too many times…at least 3 in my total of about 120 published and 70 unpublished posts.

I’d especially appreciate information about how to handle this situation in the way it impacts those following my blog. I have more ‘Reader’ followers than email ones…which makes sense since that’s how I prefer following others myself. But the Reader does present a challenge when something publishes accidentally. Because if I unpublish it or delete it…I receive Reader feedback about why there’s no post.

Thanks for your patience :-)



P.S. I’d also be interested in knowing how other people using get comments to publish at the end of blog posts…I’ve tried everything and I’m out of ideas.


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