Aging Gracefully |

I’m a baby boomer (bb).  My arrival coincided with the bb peak. This is just one of the many reasons I began this site.

As a member of perhaps, the largest generation both historically and globally, our collective impact on this world cannot be ignored.

Navigating the complex alternatives facing us as we gradually transition to become the largest population of senior citizens our planet has ever seen may,  at times, seem a little overwhelming.  Overwhelming because our options for virtually everything…new products, services, strategies, healthcare alternatives etc…essentially all the choices available to us, which impact our daily lives and lifestyle, continue to multiply at an increasingly alarming rate!  Even the technology that delivers this news to us is a moving target.  How could we not become  slightly overwhelmed by all these decisions?

Yet, it’s who we are.  More importantly, it is how we will be remembered in the history books one day.  So the choices we make count.  It’s good to occasionally contemplate that fact and adjust our course if need be.

But the uniqueness of our generation goes far beyond the multitude of tangible alternatives open to us.  Never before, in the history of the United States, has a generation of adults had so much ‘discretionary’ time at their disposal  (I use the term ‘discretionary’ for lack of a better one.). Ironically, this doesn’t seemed to have worked out to our advantage in the bigger scheme of things.

Although we are:

  • Better informed than previous generations on global, national and local events, we seem to have less of the correct type of information at our disposal than we need to have in order to make clear-cut, sound decisions.
  • Better connected socially to more people in our lives than any previous generation, we seem to find it increasing difficult to harness or to utilize that connectedness positively or in really beneficial ways.

Therefore, this section of my website will attempt to address some of these concerns by chronicling some of my choices and some of my research and sharing my results as I explore and navigate my journey towards aging gracefully.

Update 3 Months Later

Apparently I will not be aging very gracefully afterall, since I’ve not yet come up with any brilliant ideas for this topic…nor have I even spent anytime actually thinking about it.  I think I need some inspiration!

Update Almost a Year Later

I’m beginning to realize that it’s the factors mentioned above in my first few paragraphs that are to blame for this utter lack of time to write anything substantive here.  But I’m not ready to give it up quite yet.  But, until I do, I’m going to sort of hide this section…so if you’ve found it, wow…you’re really good at digging deep into things!  I’ve just added a comments section below to hopefully get ideas from my readers about what I should think about adding here.  Since I don’t expect anyone to actually find this, I’ll be amazed if any comments appear here…but if they do, I’ll (hopefully) be notified immediately, and get to work on it!

Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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