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Hi...I'm the author of 2 main blogs on vsatips...which is about tech tips for mobile devices like cellphones & tablets. vsatrends, my 2nd blog, is focused more on lifestyle trends...especially those with a strong design element. I also host a YouThe channel which includes aspects of both websites.

Learn About GPS Versus Bluetooth Tracking Devices | TrackR Bravo Review

Anyone who frequently misplaces objects that they rely upon could benefit from attaching a tracking device to those objects. But if you begin the search for a device to buy you’ll be met with a confusing array of products which all claim to do the same things but for vastly different prices. Many product claims seem to use somewhat misleading language and pretty much every brand states there’s is the best. In this article I attempt to clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding the different types of devices. Also am a new user of one popular brand which I review and discuss some of the typical new user issues I faced. Continue reading

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Find Which Folder an Apple Note is Stored In

I Googled answers to the question “how can I find out which folder an Apple note is in”…but couldn’t find any answer. Since this question crops up for me repeatedly, I thought I’d publish my own solution. Continue reading

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Why You Should Never Use Public WiFi’s & My Tiny Hardware Firewall Review

It’s never a good idea to connect to a public WiFi network at a hotel (or anywhere else for that matter,) but sometimes you need to. After all, it’s almost impossible to remain internet free for an entire vacation! Since we will be vacationing soon I decided to find a way to stay safe yet have excellent internet service too. Oh, and I wanted to do this by not spending a lot of money! This post poses my dilemma and shares my solution. Continue reading

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Why Apple Doesn’t Want You to Buy Their New iPad

Apple never ceases to shock me! My recent encounter isn’t an exception. In a world of seriously declining iPad sales they told me ‘You have too many iPads…we don’t think you should buy anymore!’ I do not think these are not the words of a company in this for the long haul. Continue reading

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