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Siri Can Announce Phone Callers | Tips for Changing Devices for WiFi Calling Too

A new feature in ios 10 is Talking Caller ID by having Siri announce telephone calls to you. In this post I show you how to set this up for both iPhones and iPads. I also cover how to setup WiFi Calling for areas of poor cell reception and how to remove devices from the WiFi Calling roster to free up space for a new device. Continue reading

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How to Stop Google From Asking to Use You Current Location on iPad & iPhone

This post describes how to stop Safari from constantly warning ios users about the fact that Google is using their location. Continue reading

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Contrary to Everything I’ve Read, It is Possible to Create a Link to any Apple Note on ios

It appears to be a closely guarded secret that you can create and use links that you generate for notes in Apple Notes. It’s taken me quite a long time to discover this feature…not for lack of trying. And now that I have I find myself using it often. The main idea is that you can generate a hot link or an URL to any note. Furthermore, you can share that link with someone else, or just with yourself…as long as that someone also has an Apple ID. Continue reading

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A New Screen Recorder Discovered in ios 11 Ends a Long & Frustrating Controversy for Many ios Users

A pretty historic event occurred with Apple’s introduction of ios 11 that’s made even more momentous by the lack of publicity it’s received. Apple has created and included a screen recording app with ios 11! If you’ve ever wanted a screen recording app on your ios device…you’ll know why this is such huge news. If you haven’t and are wondering what all the buzz is about, read on to find out. Continue reading

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