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New Trick for PDF Creation of Complex Webpages & Layouts on ios

Creating PDF’s for difficult to manage webpages can be challenging but necessary if you want to save the webpage’s data within Apple Notes. In this post I offer a great trick for problematic webpages.

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Find Passwords Saved in Safari for iPad & iPhone on ios 11

Finding Safari stored passwords in ios 11 can be challenging. This post describes how to find them. Continue reading

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Help Save MacOS Server Caching and Why You Should

MacOS Server is/was an incredibly useful tool for improving network bandwidth in homes and businesses in situations where a lot of Apple mobile devices are used. Using the caching feature of MacOS Server significantly improves bandwidth problems for users who find that Apple’s iCloud backups tend to dominate all of their bandwidth. But when Apple introduced their newest Mac OS, High Sierra, they discontinued MacOS Server Caching. This is a widely used and amazing tool that shouldn’t be discontinued. This post suggests one way to let Apple know they shouldn’t discontinue this service.
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How to Create a PNG Image on an ios Device Using Pixelmator

Creating a PNG image is easy on an iPad or iPhone using the Pixelmator app. In this post I provide the steps for creating PNG images on ios devices. Continue reading

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