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Save Time Using 3 Tricks in Apple Notes | ios 10 | Markup Photos in Apple Notes

I Recently Discovered 3 Awesome Time Saving Tricks to Use in Apple Notes

#1 Add Photos to Apple Notes in Batch Mode ios 10
#2 Save All of the Photos in a Note to the Photo’s app in Batch Mode
#3 Markup a Photo While in a the Notes App Continue reading

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Pages for ios |  Remove Red Misspelled Word Underlines

There’s one annoying characteristic of Pages for ios. In fact, this problem occurs across the board within all of Apple’s apps for ios…mispelled words are underlined in red. Apple doesn’t give user’s a lot of control over this like they do for Mac users. But there is one solution which I discuss in this post. Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Instapaper | How the App Saves Time & Increases Productivity

Instapaper is an app I use every day. It’s literally changed my life by increasing my productivity. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t use something like Instapaper can have an appreciation for how much time this can save you and how much more you can accomplish. For bloggers or anyone who needs to stay up-to-date on a lot of things like technology, trends, news…whatever…if you don’t use a tool like this you’re operating at a huge disadvantage! This holds true even more so if you’re a solo business owner or entrepreneur. The fact that it’s completely free and available on most devices makes it a ‘no-brainer!’ Continue reading

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How to Find All Your App Reviews in ios

If you’ll be writing any App Store reviews, it’s probably a good idea to keep a copy of them somewhere if you think that you’ll ever want to find them again. That’s because Apple doesn’t make it easy to find those reviews after you’ve written them. There are 3 methods that I know of to find them which I describe below. Continue reading

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