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Learn About GPS Versus Bluetooth Tracking Devices | TrackR Bravo Review

Anyone who frequently misplaces objects that they rely upon could benefit from attaching a tracking device to those objects. But if you begin the search for a device to buy you’ll be met with a confusing array of products which all claim to do the same things but for vastly different prices. Many product claims seem to use somewhat misleading language and pretty much every brand states there’s is the best. In this article I attempt to clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding the different types of devices. Also am a new user of one popular brand which I review and discuss some of the typical new user issues I faced. Continue reading

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Dashlane for ios Has Serious Problems Revealed by the Cloudbleed Incident

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dashlane. But after wanting to use it to change all of my passwords following Cloudbleed, I was extremely disappointed in how poorly Dashlane actually functions on ios devices for this purpose. Continue reading

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How to Use Different Colored Fonts & Sizes in Apple Notes for ios

Any method I tried to paste fonts into Apple Notes, failed to keep the font formatting. In other words anything pasted into Apple Notes would revert to one of the standard Apple note fonts. So I was really excited to discover that I could use an Apple computer to change the standard fonts to different ones, or different colors or sizes, and that the formatting would be retained throughout all of my iPads and ios devices. Continue reading

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How to Share a Password with Dashlane

Everyone who doesn’t have a secure method of managing their passwords should use a password manager. We use Dashlane and one thing I love about it is the ability to share a password with anyone safely. I demonstrate how to share a password using Dashlane’s Password Manager. Continue reading

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