Galleria Hair Salon Photo Gallery

Galleria Hair Salon is one place that I love!

One thing I love about Galleria is Pedro, the owner. If he lets me, I’ll take a picture of him and add it here (so far the concept hasn’t thrilled him).  He’s a husband, father, son, brother, teacher and coworker.  It never ceases to amaze me how well he manages all of these roles.  Somehow he manages to make the person he’s interacting with at any given moment feel as though they are most important person in the world to him.

Here are a few more things that I love about Pedro. He’s thoughtful, kind, considerate, creative, and extremely talented. If you need to spend time at a hair salon…and lets face it, at my age you do…you couldn’t find a better place to spend your time.

One day when I was visiting Galleria, while waiting for my hair treatment to process, I shot some photos. I love the environment Pedro’s created, so I’m adding some photos to show you how beautiful it is here.

Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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