How To Find the Best Tablets | 2016

Mobile technology has become a huge industry, and one that completely captivates me. As a result, I try to stay up-to-date on the 3 main mobile OS’s and devices.  A lot of friends me ask for advice when they’re thinking about getting a new, or a first tablet (or even, (gasp) their 1st smartphone!)

So I thought I’d share links to some of my favorite review writers.

In the first group of links these writers periodically rewrite their reviews of their favorite Top 10 Tablets: So most of these are not older than December 2014.

  • TechRadar’s Top Tablets  – TechRadar is one of my favorite sources for technology articles because the writing is good, the presentation is clean and nice visually, and there aren’t a lot of ads.
  • Cnet’s Best Tablets – on the left when you arrive at this webpage, there are links to more reviews/ranking articles by type of tablet such as Androids, or budget tablets
  • PC Magazines Top Tablets – includes a comparison table format with features, specs, and lots of helpful information


I just read an interesting article about Apple’s profits and how the profits for iPads have gone down.  There’s some interesting information in iPad pricing and getting deals.  So I thought I’d add this link here.


This next group of links are primarily about things not yet released.  Some favorite techwriter’s ‘well educated’ guesses on what will be available soon:

  • Engadget – Tablet market hits a wall as purchases slow down, includes a list of the top tablet manufacturers in the US

Keeping Current With Mobile Tech News

Some good sites for following technology news:

Please leave any comments or questions here and thanks for visiting!

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