How to See Your YouTube Channel Subscribers & Manage Comments | 2016

Last Year Google Completely Redesigned YouTube

Previous Answers for Finding My Subscribers No Longer Worked for Me


I’m relatively new to YouTube as a channel provider and I searched for way too long trying to figure out who my subscribers are and how to approve individual comments thereby allowing them to show up underneath their actual videos in YouTube.  I finally figured out how to do both things today!

“October 9th was the 10 years anniversary for Google’s acquisition of YouTube.  I wrote a little ‘retrospective’ post to commemorate the occasion.

Find Out Who Subscribes to Your Channel | These Screenshots Were Made on an iPad Mini

You can’t see who your subscribers are using either the YouTube app or the Creator Studio app on an iPad. You can manage comments however using either app…I’ll show you how to do that via Chrome next.

To find out who subscribes to your channel using an iPad the best way to do this is by using the Chrome app.  The steps would essentially be the same if you’re using an Android device…just a few less steps…because you already have Chrome.  If you’re on a Windows mobile device I suspect Chrome is still the best option…but it’s been a while since I’ve used one…that was what I used when I did.  If you’re using a computer the steps are essentially the same too…you can just skip things like switching to desktop mode.

  • First download the Chrome app and login to your Google account for the channel in question – since I’m writing this on an iPad the Chrome app is essential…you can no longer manage your channel using Safari on ios.
  • Go to your channel  (here’s mine) and switch to Desktop mode if you’re using a mobile device.

Screenshot showing how to switch to desktop mode

Screenshot showing you've switched to desktop mode

  • Once you’ve arrived at your channel…tap or click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner…that’s the 3 horizontal lines that sort of resemble the form of a hamburger.  When you do that the YouTube menu opens in the left hand column.
  • From the YouTube menu select ‘My Channel’
  • Locate the words ‘Video Manager’ in the middle top portion of the screen and tap or click on them.

Screenshot showing how to open Video Manager

  • When the next left hand side menu is displayed look for the Community menu item and expand it…once it’s expanded you’ll see where both Subscriber and Comments settings are.
  • Select ‘Subscribers‘ and you’ll be taken to a screen resembling mine shown below (the 2nd one)

Screenshot showing how to expand community menu

Screenshot of my YouTube channel subscribers

How to Manage Comments

Go back to the Community menu discussed above and select ‘Comments‘ instead of subscribers.  Once the comments are displayed, you can manage each one individually or in batch mode.  Refer to the notes on my screenshot below for more help managing comments.

Screenshot showing actions available for comments

Link to My Channel

My Most Recent Video

How to Use the Fujitsu iX500 Scanner with an iPad

Link to my fastest growing video (in terms of # of views) currently…it’s about how to break off the blade on a boxcutter.

Google Is Constantly Updating their User Sites and Apps

There are obvious pros and cons to Google’s penchant to improve their products.   The most significant con imo is that oftentimes when the changes are implemented there’s a learning curve which takes time to master.  There’s probably a direct relationship between age and adaptability…because our kids don’t seem to struggle like my husband and I do with these changes.

If anyone reading this post discovers that recent changes cause my information  to no longer be accurate, please let me know using the comment feature below (I don’t require your email address or anything really to comment) so that I can fix this post to remain helpful!

Update | September 2016 

While researching how to play videos using ios 9’s multi-tasking capabilities with YouTube (this isn’t possible using the YouTube app) I ran across Google’s updated support page for uploading videos on different devices.  Here’s a link to the page and below is a screenshot of their step-by-step instructions for iPads.

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